Blue Gecko Images’ Studio In The Planning Stages.

Concept of Studio Layout

With our recent move to Brisbane all Blue Gecko Images projects went into sudden stop mode. Now that we’re settled and the New Year has been and gone it’s time to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I’ve almost cleared all the empty boxes cluttering my garage. Once done I can set about putting together my Studio/ Classroom.

The double garage measure 5.8 meters by 5.8 meters with a ceiling at 2.5 meters high. Plenty of space for my dream studio.  The large double roller door faces due west and as we’re on the side of a hill we get an unobstructed view of the sunset, so Sunset Backdrops  and warm side lighting will be a great natural bonus.

I have a small northerly facing window for natural lighting and for high key lighting when needed. It will easily be blocked to prevent stray light from wrecking a shoot.

The doorway on the left of model is a small storage & change room (once the lawnmower gets a home). Useful for all the studio gear and table and chairs to live when the studio converts to a double garage at night. The door on the right leads into the house.

The right hand side wall is the perfect backdrop to throw the odd light and shadow at it or to be used as space in a shot, without having to “Photoshop” it in. I can’t wait to “light paint” this baby for a model shoot. The floor will be painted in a neutral grey colour and I’ll have white boards to lay down when needed. The addition of some V Flats and an Octabox will complete my studio lighting equipment.

I can’t wait to get it all rolling. 2012 is going to b a big year for the team at Blue Gecko Images. It all starts with the concept and a passion. Bring it on Baby!!


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