Going Back Over Old Images


I finally migrated my entire Lightroom Catalogue from my old compute to my new computer. While it took my old computer close to 24 hours to save 30,000+ images onto my new drive, it only took my new computer 6 hours to bring them all in to my Lightroom Library. I’m still yet to complete a back up of my main drive to my secondary drive (this will happen tonight). So for the last few months I haven’t had the opportunity to look at some old images.

Tonight I went browsing, just to make sure some of my favourite images were present and correct. While browsing I came across this image on the left and thought I would quickly perform a “Today Edit” on this 6 year old photo. This Image was taken during the North Australian Surf Life Saving Carnival in 2005, held on Mackay Harbour Beach.  Taken with Canon EOS 20D with a Canon 400mm f5.6 L (1/800th Sec @f8, 100 ISO)

So here are the steps I performed on the image.

  1. Cropped the image.
  2. Adjusted Exposure.
  3. Added Clarity
  4. Added Saturation.
  5. Tweaked the Contrast.
  6. Added a Graduation on the right.
  7. Added a graduation to darken the bottom.
  8. Exported to Photoshop.
  9. Copied the layer twice.
  10. Hid the top layer and desaturated the middle layer.
  11. Added a High Pass  filter and changed the blend mode to Hard Light
  12. Activated the top layer and applied the High Pass filter again but at lower settings. Changed the blend mode to Soft Light.
  13. Saved back to Lightroom.
  14. Adjusted Recovery to rescue some blown highlights.
  15. More Clarity.
  16. More Vibrance.
  17. Added Vignette
  18. Went over to Print Module and loaded my standard Blog Preset
  19. Exported to print.
  20. Uploaded to Blog.

All up the edit took less than 3 minutes. It took longer for me to type it out than to do.


What do you think? Comments welcome.

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