20 Years After the Commodore 64…


iPad & Targus Keyboard. Photo courtesy of

I am fortunate enough to work in an environment that allows me to see and test the latest technologies as they reach the Australian market. Today I took possession of a Targus Bluetooth Keyboard for the Apple iPad. I’ve had my iPad for almost 12 months and have been using the onboard keyboard without problems for all that time. The moment I started using the keyboard I was hooked. Now I have the best of both worlds, the iPad in its native form and now with the ability to type wirelessly to the iPad on a small but very functional keyboard.


It doesn’t sound like much but the moment you have a keyboard with arrow keys to help move the cursor to fix typing errors rather than holding you finger against the screen for the iPad to reposition the cursor only to end up missing it by 1 letter and you have to do it again. A backspace two rows away from the enter button is something you don’t realise you miss having until you try the keyboard. The iPad’s backspace/delete is immediately above the enter key. Don’t get me wrong I’m an iPad fan boy and would buy another in a flash but the little improvements you can make to an already great product just makes it all the more pleasurable to use. So I typed this blog entry up with the iPad and Keyboard, I then copied and pasted the text into the New Post dialogue box on WordPress and saved as a draft. Once home kick started the laptop and edited the post with an image and the last  2 sentences you’ve just read. Makes life easier.

I used my first computer over 20 years ago, a Commodore 64 with dual 5.25″ floppy disk drives. I was rockin’ or so I thought. If you had told me back then that I would be sitting at my desk with a laptop on the desk and a touch sensitive screen sitting next to it while I’m typing on a keyboard that is half the size of the one on the Commodore 64 and it was WIRELESS. I would not have believed you. If you also mentioned that I would be Blogging about it using effectively 2 computers, I would have rung the funny farm to say I was talking to an escapee. Isn’t technology wonderful? I’m 45 now what will I be using in another 20 years time? Makes you think…

Happy Shooting

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