Almost 12 Months with the iPad, I’m Finally Using it For Photography


7D + iPad as a Viewer


Firstly let me say that I have missed blogging over the last 2 weeks, but i needed the break to look at what I’ve done so far and look at  things from a different perspective. I’m motivated to bring some different items to your attention, technology, editing, equipment and of course photography.

I’ve had the iPad for almost a year now. One of the first things I wanted to do with the iPad was to integrate it into my photography, not just have it as a photo album. I bought an app from On 1 Software called DSLR Remote, which allowed me to control the camera from the iPad. This was great but still required a laptop in the equation and really only provided a cool remote control.

I had purchased a WiFi grip for my Canon 7D two months ago in anticipation that I would be able to use it to wirelessly tether the camera to a laptop and auto import straight into Lightroom. While this is possible I don’t take that many images while using a laptop. I was also going to start Geotagging my photos but the WiFi grip only works with a select few GPS Units, too few to be of any use. I held out hope that iPad tethering wouldn’t be far away.

The App that I recently purchased, to do just that job is called Shuttersnitch. This App allows a Wifi camera to link directly to the iPad over a ad-hoc network. Ad-hoc is geek speak for no wireless router. I tried to find as many articles I could find on the setup with a Canon 7D to no avail. I had to resort to a 5D MK II article and adapt it. Now I have to admit I bit way more off than I could chew. Me and networking is not a match made in heaven. Most of the networking I get done is usually more fumbling around and good luck than good management.

Photos on iPad


It is like giving me a chainsaw to trim the edges. It’ll get done but it won’t be pretty. Six hours of frustration later I had it operational. It wasn’t the software’s fault it was my lack of networking knowledge that is at fault. I know more than I did before I started at least. So now the Canon 7D with a WiFi Grip attached and my iPad can talk to each other. I take a photo and 10 seconds later my iPad’s 9.7″ screen shows off the image. I can now zoom into pixel level and see the detail in the image at a far higher degree than on the camera’s LCD.

Once the image is in the iPad I can overlay various crop sizes and see if I need to reframe the shot. I can check my focus point with such accuracy for macro shots its unbelievable. I can also email or post the image straight away and save it to the photo gallery. I still need to download to Lightroom anyway but at least I have an idea what the image will look like BEFORE I import them. Check out the images below for the detail difference between the LCD screen and iPad.

iPad Detail

Camera LCD Detail

Remember the camera LCD is only 3 ” Across the diagonal and the iPad is 9.7″ diagonally so not only do I get to see a closer view but also a wider field of view. It only takes a double tap on the screen to show the detail where I have to press the play button and the magnifier button about 5 times to show up the detail.

The only draw back to this whole setup is the ad-hoc network is unstable and the App has crashed on me twice over the day and hasn’t “found” the network since but I put that down to my lack of experience rather than a major problem. I’ll let you know more as time goes on.

Happy Shooting


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