Not Just a Flash In The Pan

Lightning Bolt © Dave Cracknell 2011

Normally by around 4:00pm I have some idea what I’m going to put up on the blog. Obviously it has to be something photographic. Tonight however what I had planned has been postponed. Tonight I have some lightning shots to share.

My mate rang me to go storm chasing as the electrical storm rolled in. I went outside and saw that it was mostly high level sheet lightning overhead, so I declined. He later rang me to say that he was at Blue Water Quay enjoying the show, again I declined.

My daughter captured some spectacular lightning on her iPhone as a video clip and I figured why not. It’s proving to be a lightning show worthy of some images. I grab the camera bag, tripod and the car keys and headed off to Lambert’s Beach Lookout.

When I arrive at the lookout it’s almost packed. I park and set up and within minutes I’m capturing some amazing shots. Less than 20 shots later, back in the car and back home to upload, sort and show.

To let you know the method I had the Canon 7D + 15-85 IS mounted to a tripod with the cable release attached. Camera set on Bulb, 200 ISO and at f18. I set the white balance to Tungsten to get the blue glow and tripped the shutter and locked it open until 2 or 3 lightning bolts did their thing, released and onto the next image. Repeat until bored. It was agreat show. I did learn one thing tonight…..when a mate asks me to go storm chasing, I’m there!

Happy Shooting

Lightning Strike © Dave Cracknell 2011

Multiple Strikes © Dave Cracknell 2011

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