Project Blue Gecko


The Junk Room © Dave Cracknell 2011


I’ve been promising myself a home studio for years, but I never seem to get there.  When ever I decide to do something with this car port/office/maybe studio my plans seem to come undone.

I’ve had this space for 5 plus years, ever since moving into the house. During this time I’ve always had this as an office/computer room for myself and the left over has been a storage & dumping ground. Over the last few months I’ve been organising my lighting gear, getting it out of storage and have started using it again.

The Portrait and Lighting Course, the Mini One Flash Workshop and Mini Macro Workshops (All Hosted by Aspect Images) have inspired me to get my shi stuff together, and finally reach for my dream. The other night, when I did the test shots with the new snoot I bought, I had to take over the lounge room. I think that was the catalyst for me revisiting the studio idea.

Writing this blog everyday is also going to help me too.  I’ve been motivated to write something here every day for the last 6 weeks, so I’m going to take that motivation and expand it to include doing something towards my studio. I’m going to use this medium as my motivational tool to get things done. Each week I will give a progress report on “Project Blue Gecko”.

First step is to start with a blank canvas. Everything will be put into boxes and stored somewhere else. The camera gear will stay. I’ve already drawn up a rough plan and this will be revised and redrawn a number of times no doubt as time goes on. I haven’t set a budget yet but that will come as the plan takes shape. I’m off to dream some more & pack something.

Happy Shooting

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