Mini Flash Workshop (Aspect Images Mackay)

Flash Class 3/11 © Dave Cracknell

I had a great time tonight at the Mini Flash Workshop put together by Aspect Images Mackay. As part of the Training and Development Team I have the pleasurable task of teaching people, along with Adrian (Aspect Images) the finer points of Flash Photography.

We covered topics such as using an external flash manually and automatically, using bounce effectively off both ceilings and reflectors. Using flash modifiers, such as snoots, gobos and diffusers. We Discussed on using second curtain sync and “dragging the shutter” and when to use them and much, much more.

I know the particpants walked with a new found fondness for their flash guns and they have realised that its not as scarey as they thought. Just a little fore thought and preparation and the sky’s the limit.

Just to show off at the end I comendeered two of the students flashes and added 3 of my own for this wireless flash class photo. Pictured is 2x Canon 580 EX IIs, 2x Canon 550EX and an older Canon 420Ex ……Oh and the students too. All this was controlled by a Canon 580 Ex II mounted on a Canon EOS 7D fitted with a Canon 15-85 IS. Exposure 1/60th sec f8 @ 200ISO. All the flash units in the photo were dialled down to around -3 stops and were fitted with diffusers or a softbox.

For more info on the next class go to the Aspect Images Course Enquiry Link at the top of the page.

Happy Shooting

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