The Right Stuff to Flash Successfully

Flash Essentials © Dave Cracknell 2011

Firstly thank you to everyone that wished me well yesterday on my birthday. The well wishes on Facebook alone was overwhelming. I’m sure I spent most of the day responding to everyone. Now on to tonight’s blog.

Adrian from Aspect Images is running a Mini One Flash workshop this week so I thought it appropriate to tell you what I consider to be the absolute best accessories you can buy for your camera outfit once you decide to purchase your first flash unit.

# 1 Pictured on the left is of course the flash unit itself. Choosing the power output is the hardest decision to make. Personally the best, first flash to get is the mid range model. It much more powerful than the built-in flash and will give you bounce and swivel functions on the flash head. It won’t be too difficult to learn as the top model and will always make an excellent 2nd flash if and when you buy the bigger flash unit later on.

#2 Pictured is a Stofen Omni Bounce Diffuser. This is arguably the best flash modifier you can buy. Very versatile and small. I automatically buy one of these every time I buy a new flash. I have one for each flash I own & never leave home without one in the bag.

#3 are batteries. Buy the best you can, don’t buy cheap its false ecconomy. I buy Lithium batteries and never have had a problem with them. You can also get rechargeable batteries. You choose which is best for you, whichever you get make sure you buy an extra set. They always come in handy.

Last and by no means least is accessory #4. This is a cable that connects to the top of the camera and to the bottom of the flash. This allows the flash to be moved off camera where it will do the most for your subject, by creating shadows. Flat lighting is NOT flattering to your subject. To have good lighting you need to have contrast. This means shadows. By getting your flash off the camera you are taking the first step towards taking better flash photos.

Over the next week I will explore the differences between using each of these accessories. I’ll show you what differences they can make. It doesn’t matter about which brand you have, Nikon, Sony or Canon, these accessories will do the same regardless of your system. If you have them already then you might learn a trick or two about using these accessories together or separately. Until then

Happy Shooting

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