Find a New Way to Poach an Egg

Poached Egg © Dave Cracknell 2011

The other night my wife wanted to have poached eggs for tea and she suggested a way of cooking them. I’m never one to shy away from trying something new, even with cooking, so I tried it out. It didn’t quite go as planned and they were slightly overcooked. I tried again and perfectly poached eggs. One more feather to my cap. (Please the chicken feather and egg reference was accidental)

This got me thinking, I’ve been revisiting some older photos lately and redeveloping them using newer techniques and software. What else can I apply this “finding new ways” philosophy to? What other facet of photography can I apply this principle to? Then I realised I do it now, I’m forever learning new techniques, buying new gear, testing equipment. But I don’t do it to my photos as I take them. I always use the same or similar modes to take my photos. So I’ve challenged myself to try new ways of taking images. I’ve never used “Photo Styles” in my camera, I’m going to try them out. I’ve not learnt how to use a Nikon Flash, I teach Lighting so this will help me immensely. I’m also going to think of an off the wall photo shoot and work towards perfecting the techniques. I don’t know what this will be, I’ve just thought of doing that as I was writing.

This is where I might need your help, the reader, yes you. Make a suggestion of something I can photograph that is different or unusual. It must be local (Mackay Region), it must be free and wont require me to buy something. (My wife thanks you already). I’ll be thinking of something too, if I find a suitable subject then I’ll put it up here and give you people a complete run down on who, what, how & whatever.

So until tomorrow, think of new ways to “Poach An Egg” and apply it to your photography.

Happy Shooting

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