Last but not least # 10 In the Best Of 2010 Series

Arebreg © Dave Cracknell 2010

To be honest when I decided to do my best of 2010 I really struggled to find 10 images that showcased the diverse subjects that I covered in 2010. Out of all the images I took very few lept off the screen and took a strangle hold of my throat. The image I’ve chosen as my last photo in the series is one of the images that failed to make my heart skip a beat. It’s one of those “Nice” photos. So why did I pick it?

The photo is the underside of a Gerbera, I was trying out a new Lastolite softbox I bought myself. Mounted in the softbox is a Canon 580EX II flash, fired wirlessly via my Canon 7D’s inbuilt wireless controller. It was technically a simple lighting setup, once again nothing spectacular. So why did I pick it?

I use this image to remind myself that you need to get your camera into a position that most people don’t think of. Shoot from a different angle, shoot from a difficult angle. Think outside the box, in this case shoot the other side. Everyone shoots flowers from the side we always see, I wondered what the other side would photograph like. I do like the photo of the front of the Gerbera better, but it’s just another image of a red flower, the underside has more colour, more texture and more shape and shadows. I found it more interesting. Maybe that’s why I picked it.

Happy Shooting


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