My First Blogger’s Block

Yacht, Schute Harbour © Dave Cracknell 2010

In an effort to blog every day for 60 days I have to look for inspiration in the things around me, photographs, books, basically anything can inspire me to write something. Tonight is not one of those nights. I normally have a topic to write about by around 4-5pm but tonight, nothing. It’s now 8:49pm and I’m actually blogging about nothing in the hope that something comes from it. So what do you do when you can’t find inspiration? First thing I did to look for inspiration is to look back over some older images. I found the one above and figured I would talk about this particular image.

I would love to say that the Yacht in the picture is mine but it’s not. Nor is the island in the background….pity. Now back to the image. It was at Shute Harbour that this image presented itself to me. With my Canon 7D with an 18-200 fitted I took a series of images of the yacht. It took close to 15 minutes taking shots while the current moved the boat around its mooring. As with most of my images I shoot in Aperture Priority Mode and set the ISO to suit the circumstances, in this case it was 200 ISO. At f5.6 the shutter speed ended up at 1/1600th second. The original image wasn’t all that spectacular; it wasn’t until I applied some after effects in Photoshop that some of the detail started to pop.

I am surprised as to the amount of detail I manages to pull out of the image at some point however the amount of detail was offset with some weird effects happening around the yacht itself. I think I managed to strike a good balance. If you look at the image in detail you will see what I mean. I will at some point revisit this images and try to improve it further.

This short blog entry has now hit over the 300 word mark and now I have a blog entry. Inspiration can come from the most irrelevant source. The trick is to know what to do if you see it or what to do when you can’t.

Happy Shooting

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