Behind The Mask

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Just a little about the author of this blog

Name: Dave Cracknell

Age: Soon to be 45 (Yes I’m scheduling my mid-life crisis as I write this)

Born: Coventry, England. Currently residing in Mackay, Queensland

Married to Sonya for over 23 years, 2 daughters Melissa & Hanna. Moved to Mackay from Adelaide 7 years ago.  Love life, my wife and photography…Oh yeah & my daughters.

Current Camera System: Canon EOS Digital SLR & Canon Powershot G Series


Past Camera Brands:

Kodak 126 (1st Camera)

Zenit (1st SLR)

Praktica (1st Camera I Bought. Paid for with 2nd Paycheque)

Minolta (Too Many to count, both Manual and Auto Focus)

Nikon (1 film & 1 digital)

Canon EOS (Both film & Digital)

Photographic Awkward Moment #1: Being asked by my wife when I am planning to go to bed. It was 3:00am and I was in my darkroom and had been there since 6:30pm the previous day.

Photographic Awkward Moment #2: While taking images along a beach in Adelaide, I spotted an old armchair just on the waterline. I started taking photos and after a few minutes realised that I had no film in the camera. Whoops!

Photographic Awkward Moment #3: Writing the above 2 awkward moments.

Best Moment #1: Seeing my, then Fiancée, walk towards me down the aisle.

Best Moment #2: Being there when my two daughters were born.

Best Moment #3: Opening up the box of a new camera or lens.

Best Movies: Blues Brothers, Star Wars (Episodes 4-6)

Worst Movie Ever Seen: Basically any movie my daughters pick. But I watch them anyway. Family Time.

Best Book: Any book by John Grisham or Matthew Reilly

Reading Now: “Get Your Photography on the Web” by R.C. Concepcion

What would I invent: It would be an air freshener that either smells like puppy breath or that first whiff of rain as it hits the ground.

More “Inside the mind of Dave Cracknell” later.

Happy Shooting

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