February Wrap up.

February has been a huge month for us at Blue Gecko Images. As part of the Training and Development Team for Aspect Images, I’ve helped  coach close to 20 people through two Night Photography Courses and a Lighting and Portrait workshop. I’ve  taken over 600 images, made 30 posts on my blog, answered upwards of 50 messages & SMS from friends asking about cameras, courses and other photography related questions and had time to set out the next few months of courses with Adrian at Aspect Images, all while working full time.

I started this blog with WordPress around November last year and just put up a couple of articles, photo tips & some images. For the most part I was just learning as I went without really learning much, so this month I put my nose down and  literally grabbed the blog by the horns and started writing with purpose, with a goal to add to the blog everyday. I’m still getting my head around this daily “Blogging” and I still can’t get use to the concept that people read what I write and like it enough to come back. Only a few days ago we reached the 1000 hits mark and now we appear to be getting over 50 hits a day on the blog. Bring on 2000 hits. I still have a lot to learn, so imagine what it will be like when I actually know what I’m doing.

March is going to be even busier. More courses, more photos, more Q&As and more blogging. Keep up with me if you can it’s gonna get messy but I’m going to have fun doing it.

Happy Shooting

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