#8 Best of 2010 from the Blue Gecko Images Archives

Frog at Night © Dave Cracknell

I’m almost at the end of my “Best of 2010” series. Mind you I could possibly keep going with many more images but then I would have to change the series to “All My 2010 Photos” and I would be going until 2012. Not a bad idea but there are other things I want to put up on the blog.

This image was taken in Oct 2010, I was putting the bins out and I spotted this guy sitting in a large Cycad we have in the backyard. I walked passed him twice, went inside, grabbed my camera and flash, went back outside and he was still there. I fired off maybe 15 shots and decided the flash was too direct.

I went back inside and grabbed a lightstand and my Orbis ,set the flash into the Orbis, which is a ring flash modifier that you place over the flash head, mounted the whole assembly onto the lightstand, set up the wireless flash mode on the camera and took more photos. All the time this frog just sat there either terrified or just totally oblivious of me.

I took over 100 images that night of this frog, above, below, front and back. Up close and from a short distance away and it just sat there. I’m sure the frog was just waiting for me to get bored. Out of the 100 or so images this image is my favourite. I hope you like it too.

Equipment Used: Canon EOS 7D + 100mm Macro, Canon 580 EX II Speeblite, Orbis Ring Flash mounted on light stand. Flash fired wirelessly.

Exposure 1/60th Sec, f8 @ 100 ISO

Happy Shooting

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