#7 Best Of 2010 Series

Glenelg Jetty, Adlelaide © Dave Cracknell 2010

My family and I returned to Adelaide to visit family and help the Outlaws celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Yes I said Outlaws not Inlaws. Think about it, Outlaws are wanted.

We went around the usual tourist spots, which is weird as my wife and I lived in Adelaide for most of our married life and yet we did the touristy thing. Go figure. While at Glenelg Beach I spotted the wooden jetty and thought why not. A photo challenge.

What got me was the leading lines and the symmetry of the light and dark sections. The blue water and sky all just added to the scene. How was I going to capture the detail in the light and dark areas, especially the wooden beams. Hhmmm. HDR. But wait no tripod. I would have to hand hold.

This photo is the first time I manged to hand hold a HDR image successfully. Normally the range of exposures is done with the camera clamped down on a tripod. Here I had nothing to even rest the camera on, let alone a tripod. I wasn’t sure if it would work and it wasn’t until I got back home 3 weeks later that I was able to run the images (5 in all) through PS CS5 using HDR Pro.

I have to admit I was surprised how well the images lined up with minimal ghosting. The waves were the only area of concern but easily solved in HDR Pro. This technique worked so well I do it all the time now without thinking but always use a tripod when I have one available.

Happy Shooting

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