#6 From the Best of 2010

Hanna © Dave Cracknell 2010

This photo of my daughter was taken at a junction in my life. It was just before this mini photoshoot that I had decided that I wanted to teach photography and share my knowledge with budding photographers. I asked my youngest daughter to give me a hand in a series of images that would show my students the theory behind depth of field in photographs. I took a series of images at various apertures (see below) to show the effect that different apertures have on the background. The Wider the aperture the narrower the DOF etc.

While processing the images something dawned on me. I realised how beautiful my daughter is. I know she is beautiful, she’s my daughter, I’m supposed to believe that. It’s written in the “Parents Contract”. You know the one you sign that states “you will always love your children no matter what and believe whole heartedly in thier beauty” … you know… that one. So back to the realisation, I realised the baseball bat in the front closet wasn’t going to be enough to keep the boys at bay…I was going to need something bigger. Maybe a Tank?

The feeling of getting old did pass eventually.  Despite the attitude and the “Daddy can I have…? she is a wonderful daughter, I still love her (it’s in the contract, remember, No Matter What!), this image remains one of my favourites of her from 2010.Thank god she gets her looks from her mother.

DoF Chart © Dave Cracknell 2010

Happy Shooting

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