Almost Cant Be Bothered Blogging Monday

Flowing Water

It’s Monday night, I’ve had a hard day at work and I made a promise to myself I would blog something everyday. So here is my “Almost Cant Be Bothered Blogging Monday” blog. I feel like those rocks, completely surrounded by the relentlessness of life.

This image was taken one one of our day trips with Aspect Images Introduction to Photography class. I sat waiting for the surf to reach these particular rocks. I had my Canon 15-85 on the Canon 7D and had the lens cranked down to f25, I had a polariser & a Neutral Density 8 filter attached to get rid of as much light as possible. After all it was 2:30 in the afternoon. I only managed to get the shutter speed down to less than a second. I was hoping to get a shutter speed somewhere near 2 seconds but it was not to be.

For what seemed like hours ( it was really only 15 minutes) the water finally hit the rocks. As it did, I fired the shutter and watched as my tripod slowly tilted and started to sink into the soft wet sand. I caught the camera just as the shutter closed. It was at this time I figured it better to bug out and find something else to photograph.

This image isnt the sharpest photo I’ve taken and it’s not the best composition but for some reason the image has an appeal. Maybe it had to do with the close call, I’m not sure. It just seemed to be an appropriate image to use to describe the day I’ve had.

Happy Shooting

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