#4 Best Of 2010 from Blue Gecko Images


This image from my 2010 collection was from one of our Introduction to Photography classes held in October. We had our ritual end of class BBQ and then a photo session along River St, Mackay.

During this walk we basically shot any thing that took our fancy as we walked from Bluewater Quay to the Boat Ramp. Along the way Adrian got to talking to a man who owns one of the fishing trawlers moared at the wharf and we were invited onto the docks to take photos.

This image was taken with my Canon 70-300 IS (such a versatile lens) at 1/80th sec at f8, no exposure compensation was needed. In lightroom just a little tweeking with saturation, a little sharpening and a slight vignetting applied and voilà.

I love the textures, the rope, the corrosion on the pole and taps as well as the mould on the wall. It all adds to the images’ appeal.

I also love the horizontal and vertical lines that are softened by the rope thats woven through the image. It makes me wonder what is tied at the other end, after all it’s a heavy gauge rope but only standard garden variety taps and fittings.

I love the feeling from the balance of colours. By this I mean the juxtaposition of colours, the green on the taps against the red of the pole as well as the blue tap handle against the yellow on the wall. There are splatters of similar colours throughout the image. As well as the light upper corner and the dark lower one, all makes for one of my favourite images I took in 2010. I hope you like it nearly as much as I do.

Happy Shooting

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