Take The Time To Shoot the Clouds

Clouds & Cane

Is it surprising that when you least expect something to happen, it does and the only means of capturing the moment is with your mobile phone? Today, while driving out of the car park at work, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the cloud formation pictured to the left. I couldn’t stop where I was and I knew there would be a better view further down the road. All I had with me was my trusty iPhone 4. Many times I’ve resorted to the iPhone as a camera because it is the only camera I had with me at the time.

I’ve pulled over and hopped out and lined up the shot. I’m sure the people driving passed though I was a little strange, but I’m of the opinion that while holding a camera you’re allowed to act a little odd. 5 Snaps later I’m back in the car and on my way home. I had a view of these clouds for most of the way home. No where along the way was there a spot that had a better view than the one I used. If I hadn’t stopped and instead, waited until I got home, grabbed a camera,drove at least 10 minutes for a better view, I would have missed it. So it pays to stop what you are doing and take the time to shoot the clouds.

Happy Shooting


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