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I have a list of jobs to do a mile long, who hasn’t. One of those jobs is mowing the lawn. I hate mowing lawns. I would rather be doing anything other than mowing the lawns. I cant tell you how much I hate mowing lawns. I’m even writing on my blog to avoid mowing my lawn. How sad is that. I would much rather be out taking photos than doing anything on my jobs to do list.

So here’s what I’m going to do, after finishing here. I’m going to mow the lawn, trim the edges, mulch something, clean up some fallen branches and then go take some photos. I have to get my priorities right….Right? No distractions. Follow through with the job. Then do some photography. What’s the bet that as I’m mowing the lawn I’ll see something that I want to photograph. A butterfly, a flower, anything!! I’m easily distracted. One of my major flaws.

At a seminar once I heard that we get distracted from the task we are doing on average 6 times an hour. A phone call, a quick chat, something that catches our eye….oh look a butterfly, where’s my camera? That sort of thing. Each one of these distractions takes, on average, 10 minutes of our time away from what we’re doing. So 6 distractions times 10 minutes is sixty minutes, the whole hour, GONE! No wonder I cant get anything done. I’m need to be distracted from being distracted.

I know the perfect distraction distraction (say that 10 times fast……no wait that’s a distraction). Where was I? Oh yeah the perfect distraction for distractions. Photography. I very rarely get distracted while taking photos. I concentrate so much on getting the right image, angle etc. I then go off and look for the next subject. The perfect distraction. The perfect distraction that’s keeping me from mowing my lawn……… Where’s my camera?

Happy Shooting




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