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Man Sized Drink

I am constantly amazed at today’s digital camera technology. The photo you see here was taken with my Canon G9. The family and I were out celebrating my youngest daughter’s 15th Birthday at a local restaurant. I didn’t take my DSLR with me, too big to lug into a restaraunt.

The Canon G9 was set to 400ISO, Auto White Balance and Aperture Priority Mode. The camera fired off at 1/10th sec f 3.2 with no flash, hand held. The camera’s inbuilt Image Stabilisation took care of the slow shutter speed.

Why no Flash? If the flash had fired the camera would have synced at 1/60th and the backgound of the image would have dropped out to almost black with only the light in the top left corner visable.

By deciding to shoot the image with available light only, the backgound is visable and it now contributes to the whole photo by showing where the photo was taken. Taking a little time to try something else other than firing off the flash, is the beauty of today’s technology. The low noise at 400ISO, the image stabiliser and AWB all contributed to the photo being able to be taken. If this had been taken on film it would have had a horrible green cast from the fluro lighting, the flash would have had to be used because of a lack of image stabilisation and would have produced the black background, as well as having to wait until the film was processed to find out the photo had flaws. I am truely in awe of today’s cameras abilities and thank the digital camera gods for what they have given us. Pay homage to this technology by taking more photos but experiment with the modes and find the limits of both you and your camera, if you can.

Happy Shooting

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