New Canon DSLRs


Canon EOS 1100D (Photo Courtesy of Canon)

Canon announced yesterday (7th Feb 2011)  ywo new Digital SLRs to extend thier range even further. The first model is the Canon EOS 1100D, 12Mp with 720i HD movie. This camera is going to be available in three colours, the traditional black, a dark grey and as pictured a red. Surprisingly enough not a true “Canon” red, but a pleasant shade none the less. This model is going to sit between the Canon EOS 1000D and the Canon EOS 500D.  Nothing really extra special about this camera technology wise, its really a Canon EOS 450D with video. The next model is a Canon EOS 600D, 18Mp with a Vari-angle 3″ screen, Full HD movie and lots of new innovations to keep both the beginner and advance user happy. A redesigned grip will help those of you didn’t like the smaller grips of the lower range SLRs.  New Creative Filters modes including a Fisheye effect and Scene Intelligent Auto will give the beginners plenty to play with and be creative right out of the box. The camera also sports the inbuilt wireless flash trigger system as seen in the EOS 7D and 60D cameras. Video Snapshot is something that will appeal to budding videographers. This mode limits the video sequence to a timed limit of 2, 4 or 8 seconds. No more filming for minutes at a time. The camera stores these “clips” into a folder that will play back in sequence.  The user can also add music to the clip in camera and remove wind noise. Two new kit lenses have also been introduced with these cameras, basically just updates of the 18-55 EFs 3.5-5.6 both Image Stabilized and the Non Stabilized versions will be available.

Speedlite 320EX (Photo Courtesy DPReview)To add to the news there is also two new Speedlites. An update to the popular 270EX and a new model to the range, a 320EX. Both these flashes are ETTL capable and can be made to fire wirelessly. The 320 EX has a built in Video Light, has a bounce and swivel head and runs off 4x AA batteries. The 270EX II can be fired as a slave and has a bounce head. Its powered by 2x AA batteries. Now for the cool part, both these flashes allow the photographer to fire the camera remotely.  Imagine you’re on your own and want to take the flash off camera, but wait nothing to put the flash onto. You set the camera on the tripod, table whatever and set it to the 2 sec self timer, you stand with the flash where you want it to be and press a button. The flash fires the camera and the internal flash on the camera controls the output of the flash. Very clever. Cant wait to get my hands on these two units. I have a feeling that one or both will end up in my kit.

Happy Shooting

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