Photo Tip Of The Day

Today’s Photo Tip (#198)

Give a good mechanic a cheap socket set and chances are he’ll still be able to fix your car. Give a racing car driver your car and he’ll knock seconds off your best lap time. Most 4x4s can go where drivers are too scared to take them. Give a talented photographer a basic camera and they will still produce great images.

I’m still amazed when people buy new gear in the hope to take better pictures. Sure that lens might be sharper, and that flash more powerful but is it going to make your photos better. I spend many hours a week reading about photography. I take notes and try to apply what I learn to my photography. I buy on average 1-2 photography books a month. I would rather spend money and time learning and buy the right lens or camera the first time.

I believe in buying the best you can justify purchasing. Sure some people can buy the best straight away. Most can’t. Whatever you can afford is the best to learn on. When my youngest daughter wanted to learn the saxophone we didn’t buy the best on the market. A finely tuned instrument in the hands of a beginner, I don’t think my ears could have handled the torture. If ” Squeak” got better at it before quitting we would have moved her up to a better saxophone. Treat your camera gear the same way. Buy what is justifiable for the level of experience you are at now. Upgrade when you have out learnt your gear.

Merry Christmas & Happy Shooting

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