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Today’s Photo Tip (#195)

I went around a mates house yesterday to catch up and have some pre christmas drinks with him and a few other friends. I hadn’t seen him in a few months. He had purchased a camera from me just before going overseas on holidays. We talked briefly about his camera and his experiences and said he and the camera got on well for the time he was away.The one thing that I realized after being around his house for 5 hours is that he didn’t show me any photographs from his trip. I don’t think he had printed any out. This got me thinking.

At this time of year, when visiting other people, exchanging gifts and catching up I’ve noticed that the only photos we get to see are the ones on people’s mobile phones. What ever happened to the photo album? So one of next year’s new years resolution for me is to print more photos, create a photo book or three and to share my photos more with friends and family.

Photo book software is usually available off the net for free and printing these books is as simple as sending an email. Printing images is as cheap as anything these days. I remember not that long ago a reprint from a negative, (that quaint technology from last century called film) was $1.00 a print. Now from a digital source you can find them for as cheap as $0.09 cents each.

Electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, e-readers can all store images on them. These are the modern day photo albums. Upload your latest holiday snaps and share them with family & friends when you get together. Most of these devices can make a simple slide show from a group of images.

Software like Adobe’s Lightroom can produce a slideshow with music and be saved as a PDF file, to make sharing easy. This file can be stored on an iPad and played back at a moments notice.
Apple’s Aperture program can produce a photo book for printing. There are many ways to enjoy and share images. My advice is to explore the options and produce something that you can share with friends and families. Images saved on a laptop and only seen occasionally is not why we take photos. They need to see the light of day, or night, and to be seen by other people. Photos are conversation starters, are designed to share and bring people closer together. This time of year is just the perfect time for that to happen.

Merry Christmas & Happy Shooting

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