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Today’s Photo Tip (#194)

I was doing some house cleaning on my laptops about 2 months ago and I came across some interesting issues that I thought would make for an interesting tip. While cleaning out some old files and moving some files across to other folders I came across a folder that I had named “OK to Delete”. I can’t remember actually doing that so I checked the contents and found files that I had moved there previously but wasn’t sure if they should go.

I double checked that I had in fact moved these files and it was OK to delete that folder. As it turned out I had used this folder as a temporary delete file and it was OK to delete the contents. It got me to thinking that maybe this wasn’t a bad idea to implement on a larger scale.

I usually back up the files that I think are important, photos, music, videos etc. These I put onto an external hard drive for safe keeping. I replace hard drives on a regular basis, not because they fail. I replace them as I buy or as I’m given new ones. The older drives are usually used for lesser jobs, like backing up the kids music files, homework etc.

It has now come to the point where when I was given the last drive that the drive I replaced had no job to go to. Everyone had a back up drive, everyone had a spare drive for when the back up got full. Each of my very important files had a backup of a backup.

I turned this drive into my “OK to Delete” drive. So instead of putting stuff straight into the trash I now place it onto this drive. What I will do is once a month when I clean out my computers I’ll put the files into a folder on this drive. The folder will be marked with the date. Next month I’ll do the same, new folder (dated) and I’ll check the first folder to make sure it can be trashed. If I haven’t needed anything out of this folder and I definitely have the file somewhere else, I’ll delete the folder. Gone for good. The problem with using the trash can on the computer once you’ve emptied it, the contents are gone. Worth a thought.

Happy Shooting

PS: I wrote this tip about 2 weeks ago and parked it because it wasn’t really a photo tip. Today I had someone call and wanted a copy of a photo that I had previously edited. I could not find the edited photo anywhere….except on my OK to delete drive. It saved me about 20-30 minutes of reediting that same photo. Now it’s a photo tip. The system works.

See ya

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