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Today’s Photo Tip (#191)

I heard a sad and disturbing story today while talking to a lady today. Her plight is over someone not setting up their camera correctly. So I thought it would make an excellent tip.

This poor woman had hired a “Pro” photographer to take the all important wedding photos. This photographer’s gear didn’t break down, nor had it stolen from her car. Her computer didn’t fail. She just plain forgot to put a card in her camera. This so called photographer shot the entire wedding without checking one photo nor changing a card. A simple change to one menu choice would have solved that problem in an instance.

Quite simply there is a menu option in most DSLRs that allows you to let the camera open the shutter without a memory card. This mode is for sales people to demonstrate the camera to the potential buyer or for studio based photographers that shoot tethered. This is where the camera is linked wired or wirelessly to a computer and the image is saved directly to the computers hard drive.

Once you buy the camera this mode should be disabled, turned off or deactivated. For most people there is no need for this mode to be even in the camera in the first place but unfortunately it is and there is the potential for it to catch you out. Go now pick up your camera and make sure this mode will not you catch you out.

Happy Shooting

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