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Today’s Photo Tip (#186)

I’m amazed at the quality of image that can be derived from a smart phone these days. You read the specs on the side of the box, 5 Mp camera and you think to yourself ” won’t be any good”. I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why it’s surprising when my first digital SLR was 3Mp.

While walking along the beach today just taking in the sun and sea, I started seeing possible subjects. The usual foot prints in the sand, shells, driftwood etc. I started to regret not having brought along my camera. I remembered a book I read a few months ago called ” The best camera is the one that’s with you” by Chase Jarvis. I had mentioned this in one of my previous tips. This book is about photography with an iPhone. So I took my phone out, turned on the camera and started taking images as I came across anything interesting.

Trying to restrict myself to objects on wet sand, otherwise I would be running all over the beach, I came across both fresh and dead leaves from trees. On closer inspection these weren’t native to the beach area, so they were washed up from river outflow. I came across a kids squeaky toy, a spare tyre that still had good tread, plenty of shells, seaweed etc. Before I knew it I had covered 1.5 km of beach. Hmmm…… time to head back.

As always I like seeing how many things I missed on the way back and sure enough I found heaps, but as usual I took too many images to post them all.

When I got back to my car and started looking at what I had taken. I have an App on my iPhone called Filterstorm. I started doing basic editing right there on my phone. Once I had edited a few images, well most of my images. I thought I would post them to Facebook right there from carpark at the beach. You got to love modern technology. A few more clicks and they were done. (Here’s the link for anyone interested)

I not only had a nice walk along the beach and did a great job of exfoliating the soles of my feet but I managed to capture some reasonable images. Not of the high quality kind but some of the low tech variety. I have to admit, shooting with an iPhone was fun, no control, could hardly see what I was doing, editing immediately, and posting soon after. All good fun, and that is what photography is all about. Having fun.

Happy Shooting

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