iPad gets Multitasking….at last

Yesterday I backed up my iPad as I always do, removed unwanted Apps and to make more room. iTunes informed me that the new O.S 4 was now available to download and upgrade to. Usually with any “upgrade” I wait to see what the fallout will be and if they need to fix anything. This time I didn’t. I allowed the upgrade to happen without reading about the pros and cons. Sometimes I like to live dangerously.

The main reason for the new operating system is to allow multitasking, not just playing the music while playing a game, but true flick from one task to another and back without having to start over. Most people are just going to stop playing a game to check an email or find a cheat on the net and then resume the game, myself on the other hand will make full use of the new ability. For example this morning when I posted my new “Today’s Photo Tip” I was writing it on the WordPress website, I needed to see what number it was and I knew I had the last one saved in a App called DraftPad. I was able to flick across to DraftPad and back without loosing my place. Even as I write this I’m checking my mail as it comes through, playing a song, downloading from iTunes and able to double check the Blog upgrades as I put them up. So cool.

The only downside I’ve come across so far is the switch on the side that once stopped the screen from reorientating is now a mute switch. Not a bad idea but I haven’t found how to stop the screen turning. More research.

So if you have an iPad, help it along its evolutionary path and do the upgrade. It’s worth it.

Dave Cracknell

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